Karen was a very good tutor, she was disciplined and had high standards and expectations of all of us in her class, but this made us better hypnotherapists! If you have her as a tutor then you are very lucky!


I can only praise Hilary for her professional, friendly manner. Hilary is a lovely approachable lady, full of enthusiasm about her subject She delivers courses perfectly, in terms of giving expert advice and encouraging students to participate at all times. Her knowledge allows subject areas to be discussed at quite deep levels but at all times she answers complex questions superbly. Her approach is always to be informative and easy going. Hilary is very inclusive in her teaching style, allowing everyone to be heard. Thanks to Hilary I have grown personally in to a very passionate Hypnotherapist and feel very confident in practicing the work to be delivered. I highly recommend Hilary to anybody who is considering undertaking a course under her direction.


I would highly recommend Karen - she trained me in Hypnotherapy and I have since taken other workshops with her, in understanding the Law of Attraction and most recently in Hypnoanalysis to develop my skills. Karen is very knowledgable, approachable and helpful - the workshops were structured and yet allowed plenty of flexibility for individuals to ask for help on certain areas, and I came away feeling far more confident in my Hypnotherapy work each time. Karen teaches theory, but most importantly offers the time and space to put theory into practise, to truly help people understand the benefits of hypnosis and to check you have a clear understanding of how to use various methods. I would not hesitate to attend more workshops with her in future.


Karen's style of teaching is very clear, interesting and focused. I like the fact that during her training sessions it is also very hands on, you are able to practice what you are being taught. In hypnotherapy, I feel this is a very important part of any training, as you can get a feel for what works for you, and what doesn't. Karen’s training sessions cover a lot of information and you are also encouraged to discuss this openly in group discussions. I feel this helps give a much better understanding of what you are being taught, but also enables sharing each others experiences and knowledge. Having attended many training sessions, I can highly recommend Karen’s!


Karen has been instrumental in my development as a fully qualified therapist, who now runs a very successful practice.Karen's workshops are always inspiring and my monthly supervision with her is invaluable. She has great communication skills and is a very talented teacher and mentor.


Karen made the subject matter interesting and engaging. Great boundaries in the lessons helping us to cover everything needed in the time allocated, but still leaving time for our feedback and engagement. Thoroughly enjoyed being part of her classes.


I found Karen to be an enthusiastic and highly professional tutor and hypnotherapist. She is very supportive and a great confidence builder. I regard myself as very fortunate to have had Karen as a tutor as she is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and skillfully hands these qualities on to her students.


Karen's high standards, extensive knowledge, professionalism with her natural teaching ability facilitates an environment where learning is relaxed, fun and disciplined. She gains great respect for her confidentiality and strong boundaries making her approachable, emphatic and fair giving students the opportunity to attain their best. Karen = quality.


Within my journey to becoming qualified as a Hypnotherapist, the learning process has been incredibly rewarding, as you learn about yourself as well as learn everything and more about Hypnotherapy. Hilary's tutoring methods and techniques allow you to learn safely and confidently, I have felt held every step of the way. Her extensive experience within an HR background blended with her outstanding knowledge and understanding within all areas of hypnotherapy is delivered with authentic passion giving any student the solid platform to feel fully supported within the training programme that she offers. Being mentored with such skills that Hilary is able to demonstrate cements the learning process. As one of her students I can only say that anyone who is embarking on this training programme you will not be disappointed! You will learn absolutely everything that is required to become the very best in the field of hypnotherapy.


Bet you all thought I’d disappeared… Nope, I’m still alive and kicking lol. My office is at my kitchen table today with Madness playing loudly..

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Indigo Inspirational Training Ltd

Indigo Inspirational Training Ltd
Treating people on a deeper level Some people may misunderstand hypnotherapy. For one thing, it is a lot more established than people may think. Since the beginning of psychotherapy, hypnosis as long been a part of treating mental health issues. It is worth knowing just how this can help people address issues on a deeper level they may not be aware of. Control One misconception of hypnotherapy is that it causes people to lose control. This is not the case- while you are more relaxed, you are in control during the whole process. What is true is once you are in the right state, it becomes a lot easier to engage and this can open up a lot of potential benefits. Cutting out bad habits Cutting out bad habits can often be difficult. Yes, you can get patches, do exercises and so forth. But in the long term the factor that will often be decisive is recognising patterns and learned behaviours and breaking those patterns and behaviours. For example, a person who likes to smoke may mainly do so after a meal. In recognising that this is what they do, a hypnotherapist would work with them in order to stop themselves associating smoking a cigarette with the end of a meal. It is not something that happens overnight, but over time and with the right approach it is possible to break these vicious cycles. Better sleep Sleep is another example where vicious cycles can be destructive- you aren’t getting enough sleep so you become anxious, consequently your anxious thoughts mean you can’t sleep. Hypnotherapy will allow you to get into a more relaxed state, dealing with the subconscious issues that can make it harder to sleep and make it easier to switch off at night. Getting to the root of the problem Essentially, the great thing about hypnotherapy is that it allows people to address underlying issues rather than trying to cure the symptoms of those underlying issues. A person biting their nails is more likely to be worried about stress in their lives rather than simply doing something out of habit, or it may be they developed the habit because of an earlier stress in their lives. Giving the best treatment At Indigo Training, we want to give people the best possible tools in order to provide effective hypnotherapy. Our courses provide the hours a therapist needs, giving a depth of knowledge that will provide the best long term results for clients. For more information or to book one of courses, please contact us today.

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Treating people on a deeper level Some people may misunderstand hypnotherapy. For one thing, it is a lot more established than people may think…

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How hypnotherapy can improve your relationship

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Indigo Inspirational Training Ltd

LAST CHANCE to SAVE and book your place on our Peterborough course starting April 28th. Contact us TODAY to secure your place and change your..

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Working for yourself as a therapist does bring challenges but there are also so many benefits:- * You can choose your own days and hours. * Your..

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